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Videos for Corporate Deployments

The videos tutorials below will help you learn more about how SafeHouse can be conveniently deployed throughout your organization. These videos are intended only for SafeHouse system administrators in charge of managing a corporate deployment.

Administrator Video Tutorials:
  • Using the Branding Wizard - Prepare SafeHouse for deployment by choosing customizations which will be branded (embedded) into the deployed files. This step is also where you choose your master adminstrator's password.
  • Using the Deployment Wizard - Recreate a SafeHouse installer which incorporates all of your customizations. Configure any SafeHouse installation or registry setting. Create both silent and traditional visual setup programs.
  • Performing a Local Password Reset - See how easy it is to walk up to any PC and reset the machine's SafeHouse password using your master administrator's password.
  • Performing a Remote Password Reset - Learn how to reset a SafeHouse user's password remotely over the Internet. This is an essential feature when employees spend a lot of time in the field or work from home.
  • Using Smartcards for Administration - Part 1 - General introduction to how smartcards can be used to manage SafeHouse deployments. Also demonstrates how to create an administrator smartcard on a standard USB memory stick.
  • Using Smartcards for Administration - Part 2 - Learn how to use the administrator's smartcard from Part 1 to perform a local SafeHouse password reset; all without the administrator or help desk person using or even knowing the master password.
  • Using Smartcards for Administration - Part 3 - Learn how to use an administrator smartcard to remotely reset a lost SafeHouse password; all without the administrator or help desk person needing to know or gain access to the master administrator's password established for the company. Secure delegation!
  • Deploying SafeHouse Explorer - Learn how to deploy SafeHouse Explorer in the enterprise alongside SafeHouse Professional Edition. Also covers runnng SafeHouse Explorer from memory sticks, branding, resetting passwords and licensing.

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