SafeHouse Affiliate Program

SafeHouse Affiliate Program

Earn Big Commissions!

Earn commissions starting right now by joining the SafeHouse affiliate program.

The SafeHouse affiliate program is available to anyone with a website, blog or newsletter. When you mention, advertise or otherwise promote SafeHouse, you'll earn a tasty commission every time somebody completes a purchase which was referred to us by you. And it's all FREE. Sign Up Now

Just Link to Us

All you need to do is link to us. We'll give you a special code to include in your links to ensure you get full credit for all of your sales. Learn more...

How Does it Work?

You sign up - FREE. You mention SafeHouse on your site and link to us. Then just sit back and watch your monthly commissions come in. You can even have your earnings deposited directly into your bank account.

Earn 30% Commission on Every Sale

As a SafeHouse affiliate, you'll earn a huge 30% commission on every sale you send our way. Details...

Earn over $1,000 per Month with just 2 sales per day.

That's right, just by linking to us you can be making over $1,000 per month with just a few sales each day. Earn over $2,500 per month with only 5 sales per day, and over $10,000 with 10 sales per day.

Here's the Math:
  • SafeHouse Professional Edition sells for $59.99 US.
  • With 30% commission, you earn $18 per sale.
  • Two sales per day gives you 60 sales for the month.
  • 60 sales at $18 commission each nets you $1,080 US.
  • And all you have to do is link to us!
Independent Program Management:

Our affiliate program is managed by RegNow, the leading provider of trusted outsourced campaign management. By using a third party to manage our program, you can be assured that your sales will always be counted and that you will absolutely be paid. RegNow collects all money and pays you directly!