SafeHouse Encryption Software v3.06 Released

December 7, 2009 19:04 by pavritch

We just posted the v3.06 update to SafeHouse Professional Edition and SafeHouse Personal Edition. You can find the downloads here: SafeHouse Product Downloads

The changes most included updating all the text references to mention Windows 7 now that it's out and we've completed our compatibility testing.

Another change related to how we handle creating super large encrypted volumes. We had received some reports about Windows suddenly pausing for a very long time when copying hundreds of gigabytes at a time, and we were able to come up with a work-around. It turned out that Windows was trying to be extra helpful and fill these large volumes with zeros -- which took a very long time with large volumes. We were finally able to find a way to tell Windows we didn't need that kind of help.

Where's the Password Generator?

March 27, 2009 16:28 by pavritch

Every once and a while somebody asks me why SafeHouse doesn't have a built-in password generator. Isn't this an easy feature to add?

The reason we haven't included one is that our experience in speaking with users is that it's not something most people would use, and we're trying to keep the user interface from being cluttered up with extra buttons and features which will take away from our clean and simple look.

If I get enough requests for it, I'll surely add it in. But from what I hear on a regular basis, most people prefer to choose their own passwords. And we have a world-class password strength meter to help you choose a nice strong password, and our Pro edition even has a huge dictionary of known weak passwords.

Once you start throwing computer-generated passwords at people, they have to write them down, and that ends up either in some text file or worse, on a sticky note taped to their monitor.

People ask for new features all the time, but a password generator is not on the short list; at least not at this moment. If enough people comment, that can easily change.

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Product Reviewers Sometimes too Technical

March 27, 2009 16:08 by pavritch

It seems I have the same conversation over and over again with product reviewers. They are so used to other products throwing all kinds of arcane cryptography terms at users that they somehow think something's missing when they don't see all these confusing terms in SafeHouse.

No, nothing is missing -- except the confusing terms!

How many people know terms like AES, Twofish, Blowfish, SHA-1, MD5, PBKDF2, digest, hash, and the list goes on.

You don't need to know these terms to make an online purchase using your browser, and you shouldn't need to know these terms to lock up some files.

I guess what surprises me the most is that professional reviewers just don't seem to get it that normal people (the non-geeks) don't care about all these funny words. They have absolutely no clue what they mean and would rather not have to learn either. They simply want something to lock up their documents. And for those looking to deploy product across a company, the last thing they want is to expose such arcane terms to employees -- talk about mass confusion.

I know, it's my job to educate the reviewers - as they don't understand the market as I might. But I LOVE 5-star reviews, and it always strikes me as odd when a reviewer subtracts a point because we went way out of our way to make the product easy for the average person. This is a major feature of SafeHouse, and honestly, one of the reasons we are chosen over our competitors so often. 




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Saved by SafeHouse?

March 27, 2009 08:20 by pavritch

Has SafeHouse encryption software saved your bacon?

Have you had any close calls where having encrypted your files with SafeHouse kept you from being ruined, totally embarrassed, divorced or out of jail? We want to hear about it.

How many memory sticks have you lost? What's on them? What kind of trouble came from it?

I'm looking for strories involving SafeHouse. People from the media, bloggers and others are always asking me for interesting stories and the best way to get them is by asking you, our users.