Checking Volume Integrity

SafeHouse volumes are internally formatted similarly to standard Windows disk drives. As such, they exhibit many of the same characteristics as traditional disk drives and can even be tested and verified in much the same way.

SafeHouse Explorer includes a tool to check the internal integrity of volume files which functionally mimics the Check Disk feature in Windows.

How to Check Volumes:
  1. Close all volumes.

  2. Choose Check Volume from the Tools menu.

  3. Select the volume to be checked.

  4. Click the Start button.

Please note that this feature works only with volumes formatted using SafeHouse Explorer's default FATxx disk format. If you have manually reformatted your volume to NTFS or some other disk format, then you will need to use some alternate method to check your volumes, such as the tools which are built into Windows.

Checking Volumes using Windows' Built-in Tools

When SafeHouse Explorer is run with its performance enhancements installed, open volumes are associated with a Windows drive letter. You'll see the icon for this virtual drive in My Computer alongside all your other drives, and you can right click on that icon to gain access to the standard Windows drive tools. If you open the drive's Properties dialog, the Tools tab includes features to check for errors and defragment drives.

Please note that checking volumes using Windows' built-in tools works only the first time you open a volume in Windows after starting your PC. We understand this may seem odd or inconvenient, which is why SafeHouse Explorer also includes its own volume integrity checking features.


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