How to Create a New Volume

The Create SafeHouse Volume wizard is used to create the container files which will house your private files being protected by SafeHouse.

This wizard will walk you through steps of picking a name, location, size and password.

What are Volumes?

SafeHouse keeps your confidential files in large protected container files which can range in size from a few megabytes to hundreds of gigabytes. In a way, they're sort of like folders.

Some people like to refer to these special files as safes or data vaults, because each one is protected using a password known only to you. In SafeHouse, we call these files "volumes", which is simply a fancy term which has gained popularity over time for describing this kind of technology.

Once you move your files into one of these containers, they're instantly under the full protection of SafeHouse. SafeHouse only guards files which are contained in volumes.

SafeHouse volumes can hold as many files in them as will fit. And if you do ever run out of room, you can easily make your volumes bigger. You likely created your first volume when you installed the software; however, there's really no limit to the number of volumes you can create.




Where are Volumes Located?

SafeHouse typically keeps your volumes in one common folder to make them easier to work with. This folder is named C:\SafeHouse.  

Volumes can be located nearly anywhere, including:

Volumes on CD/DVD:  SafeHouse volumes cannot be created directly on CD/R and DVD/R devices, but can be read from them as read-only storage vaults.

How to Launch this Dialog:
  1. Start SafeHouse Explorer.

  2. Click the New Volume toolbar button or Create New SafeHouse Volume item from the Tools menu.

Additional Wizard Pages

This wizard will advance through the following series of pages:

More on SafeHouse Volumes

Here's a few things you should know about SafeHouse volumes:

SafeHouse Professional Edition

SafeHouse Professional Edition offers a number of extra features for creating new volumes. This includes greater control of resizing properties, stronger encryption methods and support for resetting lost passwords.

If SafeHouse Explorer detects that SafeHouse Professional Edition is installed on the same PC, it will automatically use the enhanced version of the Create New Volume wizard which is included with that software. You will therefore automatically receive the benefit of any of these advanced features.


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