How to Perform Basic Tasks

Use these links to quickly learn how to perform simple tasks using SafeHouse Explorer.

How to Open Volumes

How to Close Volumes

How to Create a New Volume

How to Change a Password


How to Resize a Volume

How to View Volume Properties

How to Check Volume Integrity

How to Securely Delete Files

Working with Files and Folders

SafeHouse Explorer supports all familiar file and folder actions such as drag and drop, cut and paste, open, delete and other standard menu commands.

Generally speaking, working with files and folders in SafeHouse Explorer is identical to working with files and folders in Windows Explorer. You can drag an drop back and forth between SafeHouse Explorer and Windows Explorer and even between instances of SafeHouse Explorer.

Right Click on Files and Folders

Right click on files and folders to display a popup menu of available actions.

Secure Move using Drag and Drop

A feature unique to SafeHouse Explorer which you will not find in Windows Explorer is Secure Move using drag and drop. When you drag files into SafeHouse Explorer while holding the right mouse button down, in addition to the traditional copy/move actions presented in the popup menu, you'll also be offered the option to perform a Secure Move.

Secure Move is functionally similar to Move, however, it also performs a secure delete on the source files to make sure that once delete they cannot be recovered. This entails writing over them with random data before they are finally deleted in Windows, which has the effect of foiling file recovery tools which might later be used by intruders attempting to access your deleted files.


SafeHouse Explorer includes a few simple personalization options. You can switch between a variety of views or presentation formats in the right-hand file pane using the Views toolbar button. You can also make adjustments to the toolbar itself by clicking on the tiny arrow at the right end of the toolbar.

Finally, you'll notice that the menu and toolbar are detachable and can be dragged to different positions with your mouse. The program remembers the sizes and positions of most interface elements, including the main window, and restores them on subsequent invocations.

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