Read-Only Volume Files

Any Windows file can be marked as being read-only. This means that Windows will not allow any writing to that file.

This setting, which is viewed and changed using Explorer, is fully honored by SafeHouse. As such, if your volume file is marked as read-only, you will still be able to open it, but you will not be able to update any of the files, nor add new files or delete files.

The dialog below shows where this setting is found in Explorer.

If you want full read/write access to your volume, this checkbox must be clear.

Conversely, if you want to ensure that nothing inside the volume can be updated, you should check the read-only checkbox.

To display this dialog:
  1. Locate your SafeHouse volume file using Windows Explorer.

  2. Right click on the file to see the popup menu of available actions.

  3. Choose the Properties menu item.

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