How SafeHouse Explorer Works

If you're new to SafeHouse Explorer or using file protection products in general, we encourage you to spend a moment and read through this section. As simple as SafeHouse is, a basic understanding of the product will help everything else make better sense.

SafeHouse Explorer is very easy to use. If you're at all familiar with dragging and dropping files between Windows Explorer windows, then you already know how to use SafeHouse Explorer, because it's used exactly the same -- with the obvious addition of the using a password to control access to your files.

Incredibly Simple Software

SafeHouse Explorer In Action Video

See SafeHouse Explorer in action and you'll instantly agree that this software is incredibly easy to use; even for novice computer users. Watch video...

The One-Minute Overview...

This section quickly touches on some of the fundamental concepts used by SafeHouse.

Don't worry, you don't need to be a computer expert to use this software or figure out how it works. Like driving a car, you don't need to know how the engine works. You just need to know that it does.

We believe if you take a minute or two now to review some of the concepts behind this product, it will help you better understand the software and how it's designed to safeguard your files.

Please skim over these few short topics. We guarantee you'll find them meaningful.

Recommended Topics

These links will take you to very-brief explanations of some of SafeHouse Explorer's core concepts.

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