SafeHouse Professional Edition

SafeHouse Professional Edition feature list.


SafeHouse Explorer is fully compatible with the password administration and management features which are included with our SafeHouse Professional Edition. These features are disabled by default, and can only be enabled using the administrator wizards built into the Professional Edition. Most importantly, once enabled, you'll gain the ability to reset lost passwords for SafeHouse volumes.

SafeHouse Professional Edition is famous for its "branding" features which allow you to embed, or brand, special administrator information into deployed executable files. This is used mostly in business environments where it's critical that management be able to help users with lost passwords or gain access to encrypted files in an emergency. Even though SafeHouse Explorer is a separate product, SafeHouse Professional Edition includes the ability to securely embed password administration details into the main SafeHouseExplorer.exe file just as it does with its own files.

If you plan on distributing SafeHouse Explorer to employees in your organization, we strongly encourage you to investigate these features. Our administrator videos will show you how it's done.

Individual Licenses Required

Please know that when you use SafeHouse Professional Edition to enable password administration within SafeHouse Explorer, that SafeHouse Explorer is no longer free or freely distributable. In this case, each user of SafeHouse Explorer must be a licensed user for our SafeHouse Professional Edition as detailed in our license agreement.

We recognize that most people frequently use more than one computer, and that with the popularity of memory sticks, you or your employees might in fact be needing to access secure files from any number of machines, including computers in clients' offices or in public schools and libraries. For this reason, we do  not require that SafeHouse Professional Edition be installed on each of these machines. We only require that to use SafeHouse Explorer (with password administration enabled) on any of these machines, that each user own a license for SafeHouse Professional Edition for their primary computer. This allows you to place the SafeHouseExplorer.exe program file onto memory sticks and access your private files from nearly any computer, all the while still being able to maintain tight control over volume passwords.

Integration Instructions

Please refer to the Administrator's Guide section of the SafeHouse Professional Edition user's manual for more information and instructions on password management and how to deploy customized SafeHouse files.



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