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SafeHouse Explorer Videos

SafeHouse Explorer Videos

SafeHouse Explorer In Action

Our FREE SafeHouse Explorer is incredibly simple to use. It works just like Windows Explorer; only that now all of your files are encrypted with your password. Watch and see!

Use with any hard drive or memory stick. Requires Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 or Windows 8.

SafeHouse Explorer Video. Click screen to start playing.

SafeHouse Explorer is simple, safe and secure. But best of all, it's completely free to everyone.

Peter Avritch
President, PC Dynamics
SafeHouse Architect

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Hide the Evidence!

A very brief intro to our free SafeHouse Explorer encryption software for PCs, laptops and USB memory sticks.

SafeHouse Explorer is simple, quick and free. Use it to password protect files and folders on any hard drive or memory stick.


Using SafeHouse Explorer with Memory Sticks

Learn how to copy SafeHouse Explorer to a memory stick and use it to access your private files.

SafeHouse Explorer can run directly from memory sticks without being installed into Windows. This allows you to use your files from any PC, even when you cannot install any new software.


Making Self-Extracting Volumes

Learn how turn a SafeHouse volume into a self-extracting program file which needs nothing other than the password to run.

Self-extracting volumes are Windows EXE files which include both an embedded copy of SafeHouse Explorer and your volume.

These self-extracting files are perfect for sending data to others or creating secure backups.


Data Privacy: Your Digital Life

A hilarious and whimsical satire about the perils which can befall our personal and private information in this digital age when we don't take steps to protect it using free encryption software for hard disks, Flash drives and USB memory sticks.