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Prison Memory Stick Lost with Password on Attached Sticky Note

Hundreds of computer memory sticks have been withdrawn following a security breach at Preston Prison.

The information breach occurred on December 30 at HMP Preston after the USB stick - with the password attached to it on a memo note - was lost.

Full story: Lancashire Evening Post, UK

My Comments:

Seriously now. What can I say. I tell people all the time not to write passwords on sticky notes attached to their computer monitors. And we even mention this in our user's manual. And of course, people look at me silly for even mentoning it, like nobody would ever do that. People do.

What I haven't really quite figured out is why these people even bother to spend money on security software if they're just going to put their passwords out there in plain sight.

I wonder if data theives ever write thank you on these notes and place them back?

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