SafeHouse Affiliate Sign Up

Generate Affiliate Setup Program

This page will help you to generate a customized SafeHouse setup program which contains your embedded RegNow affiliate ID. You can then distribute this installer and receive credit for every sale when users click the "Buy Now" buttons inside the product.

When you click Generate, your file will be prepared and your download will begin right away.

Be sure to "save" the generated download. This is the file that you will need to bundle with your product. All setup programs created using this utility are based on the most-recent release of the respective product.

Remember to test the new installer before distributing it. When you click the "Buy" buttons inside the product you should see your affiliate ID show up in the browser address bar when the RegNow purchase screen is displayed.

We also display your affiliate ID at the very bottom of the text on the first page of our setup screen (see photo). You can use this to verify that your files are being generated correctly.

You can run this generator as many times as you need. You can even create different installers with different affiliate codes if you happen to use multiple accounts for tracking purposes.

SafeHouse Explorer Note

Please note that SafeHouse Explorer is a free software product. However, although free, it encourages users to upgrade to one of our commercial products. By tagging a SafeHouse Explorer setup program with your RegNow affiliate ID, you will receive commission on purchased upgrades attributed to your RegNow ID.

Required Inputs:

SafeHouse Professional Edition 3.07 (12MB)
SafeHouse Personal Edition 3.07 (8MB)
SafeHouse Explorer 3.01 (3MB)
Affiliate ID: