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Installing Activation Key

How to Install Your Activation Key

This page contains simple instructions for installing your SafeHouse license Activation Key.

When you purchase SafeHouse, you will be provided with an activation key in the email you receive from us confirming your purchase. You must install this key into SafeHouse to switch out of trial mode.

Two ways to enter your key:

Method 1: Enter Key During Setup

If you have not yet installed SafeHouse, you'll be offered the opportunity to enter your activation key when you run the setup program.

Method 2: Enter Key After Running Setup

If you have already installed SafeHouse, there is no need to run Setup again unless you believe your original files are out of date.

Follow these steps:
  • Right click on the SafeHouse padlock icon and choose Tools & Options.
  • Click the About tab
  • Click the Enter Activation Key button.
  • A dialog will be displayed allowing you to input your key.