Internet Administration Features

New groups should nearly always be registered with to benefit from the web-based administration features offered by this free website.

The only exception to this strong recommendation is when your organization has strict policies prohibiting you from taking advantage of SafeHouse's Internet-based administration features. If you're not sure if you should enable these features, we recommend that you first take a close look at to see what you might be missing out on by not enabling these features.

Disable use of Internet administration features.

Choose this option only if you do not wish to register your new group with and take advantage of its wealth of exciting group management features.

SafeHouse can safely be deployed without any Internet-based features enabled. This may be appropriate in some environments which have strict mandates or policies with regard to using the Internet.

Internet-based administration features should be enabled.

This is the recommended choice since it allows the use of all SafeHouse features; both online and offline.

You must already have created your administrator account at to select this option. If you haven't done so, please stop now and create your account. You do not want to miss out  on these exciting web-based administration features.

Please enter your account login name and password for you account. This information is used to prove that you are the rightful owner of this account, as well as to allow this wizard to automatically register the group you are now creating with your online account. You'll see this group listed the next time you log in.

Your account name will be embedded into your group's .BRAND file; however, your password will not. This means that your group will be tightly associated with this one specific account -- for life. Your account login name is therefore fixed in stone; however, you can still change your password as often as desired.

NOTE:  Your account login name is embedded into your group's .BRAND file. This is a lifetime association.

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