Open Existing Brand File

Administrator smartcards are always associated with a specific already-defined SafeHouse branding group.

There is no limit (other than size and space) to the number of entries for different branding groups that can be stored on the same smartcard. However, only one entry for any single group can reside on the same card, which is really not much of a restriction since it doesn't make much sense to include multiple entries for the same group on the same card.

There is also no limit to the number of smartcards that you can create the separately reference the same branding group. This allows you to make multiple administrator smartcards and hand them out to authorized help desk personnel.

Open File

Enter the filepath to your existing .BRAND file corresponding to the SafeHouse group for the smartcard entry you wish to define. BRAND files are typically located in your C:\SafeHouse folder and can be identified by the icon pictured at left.


Enter the administrator password for the above-referenced .BRAND file.

This password will not be stored on the smartcard. It is used only to authenticate that you are indeed an authorized top-level administrator for this group since only authenticated administrators are allowed to create administrator smartcards.

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