Output File

The information for the group you are creating must be saved to a disk file. This is where you choose the name for that fie.

The default location is in your C:\SafeHouse folder; however, feel free to save it to any other location, or possibly onto a USB memory stick.

Do not lose this fie. You will need it when using the SafeHouse Deployment Wizard, and when using this Branding Wizard in the future to perform other tasks relating to this group.

About .BRAND Files

When you define a SafeHouse group using this Branding Wizard, the output is a file with a .BRAND file extension. This file holds all of the properties and attributes defined for the group except its password.

NOTE:  Group .BRAND files do not contain any sensitive information. There is no need to keep them private.

Save As

Enter the filename to be used to save your group's information.

Either accept the default name or change it to something you feel is more appropriate.

This file should have a .BRAND file extension.


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