Choose Administrator Password

This is one of the most important choices you'll be asked to make when creating a new group. Once you choose a password for your group, it will remain the same for the life of the group -- it cannot ever be changed.

Please choose an extra-long password. Remember, if this password is ever compromised, it can be used to reset the passwords for any or all SafeHouse volumes belonging to this group. SafeHouse supports passwords as long as 255 characters. Password characters are free so there's no need to be cheap -- use a whole bunch of them.

How long is long enough?

No two experts will ever give you the same answer to this question. We would caution you against ever using passwords shorter than 16 to 20 characters, and we in fact recommend that you choose much longer passwords; possibly as long as 50 to 100 characters. You'll rarely need to enter this password and SafeHouse offers numerous ways through the use of smartcards to avoid ever needing to type it again. And this being the case, there's simply no reason not to pick some wildly-long password that couldn't be guessed in a million years.

Smartcards can help with saving super-long passwords.

SafeHouse supports saving your group passwords to smartcards and USB memory sticks posing as virtual smartcards. This means you don't have to be shy about using super-long passwords. This wizard will offer you the opportunity to save your password to a smartcard; and if you don't choose to do so now, you can easily come back and do it later.

NOTE:  Group administrator passwords can never be changed. Choose wisely!


Enter the administrator password to be used for this group. Passwords are case sensitive. The longer the better.

We recommend that you include a variety of upper and lower case letters, numbers and some punctuation symbols.

Never use passwords based on single words from the English dictionary. They are too-easily guessed.

Password Strength Meter

The meter bar will help you choose a strong password. The bar will change from red to green as your password becomes longer and stronger. However, please know that this is only a guide, and we cannot actually guarantee the strength of specific passwords.

One of the benefits of using this meter is that your password is tested against a dictionary of several hundred thousand common passwords which are easily guessed or compromised. If your password is found in this dictionary, the meter will be 100% red to indicate that you should make it stronger.

Why is the password visible when typed?

SafeHouse administrator passwords are supposed to be longer and more complex than normal everyday passwords. This makes them harder to type.

This wizard displays the password as it's typed to make absolutely sure you get it right. Passwords are chosen in this way only once for the lifetime of a group. If you're worried about somebody seeing it as you type, you may want to wait and perform this step when you have some privacy.


If you lose this password it is gone forever! There are no secret back doors. The good folks at have absolutely no way to help you recover this password. You've been warned.

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