How to Create an Administrator Smartcard

The SafeHouse Branding Wizard is the tool used to create an administrator smartcard. This multi-purpose wizard is used to perform a variety of tasks relating to branding groups and smartcards that you might choose to associate with them.

How to run this wizard:

To launch this wizard, select the Branding Wizard menu item found in the SafeHouse menu group in your Windows Start menu.

The steps to create an administrator smartcard are broadly described as follows:

  1. Launch the wizard and skip through to the first menu page.

  2. On the Branding Tasks page, select Save Branding Information to Smartcard.

  3. On the Smartcard Options page, select the bottom item, Prepare a smartcard to be used...

  4. Proceed through the remaining pages and answer all required prompts.

Detailed Steps to using this Wizard

The links below will walk you through each of the pages you'll encounter when using this wizard:

Smartcards Must be Enabled

You must enable SafeHouse's use of smartcards prior to creating an administrator smartcard.

Smartcards are enabled using the drop list found on the Options tab of the SafeHouse system tray utility.  The screen shot below shows the dialog where smartcards are configured within SafeHouse. In this case, the virtual smartcard has been selected, which carries the additional requirement that you must create the virtual smartcard file on your USB flash device.

It is fully permissible to use the same smartcard for both volume passwords and the branding group entries which are being described herein.

NOTE:  Not all smartcards are compatible with this administrative smartcard feature. ActivIdentity, Aladdin and virtual smartcards are fully supported. If the Branding Wizard determines that a specific card you are attempting to use is not compatible, the menu items will remain disabled an you will not be allowed to complete all the steps.

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