Creating SafeHouse Groups

This wizard is used to create SafeHouse branding groups. Run this wizard for each group you wish to create. There is no limit to the number of groups you're allowed to create and manage in any SafeHouse environment.

TIP:  Have you created your administrator account at If not, please do that first. Click here to learn more.

How to run this wizard:

To launch this wizard, select the Branding Wizard menu item found in the SafeHouse menu group in your Windows Start menu.

Step-by-Step Instructions

This wizard will walk you through the following series of pages to collect information and create your group.

Branding SafeHouse Explorer

The freely-distributable SafeHouse Explorer software supports SafeHouse groups and branding.

See How to Brand SafeHouse Explorer for instructions.

Group Information is Stored in .BRAND Files

When you define a SafeHouse group using this Branding Wizard, the output is a file with a .BRAND file extension. This file holds all of the properties and attributes defined for the group except its password.


NOTE:  Group .BRAND files do not contain any sensitive information. There is no need to keep them private.

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