Specify Activation Key

SafeHouse requires a software activation key to enable all of its features. Without a key, the software operates in free trial mode.

Activation keys are provided to our customers when they purchase the SafeHouse product. This applies to both single unit sales as well as site licenses.

For corporate roll-outs of SafeHouse, we recommend that you embed your site license activation key into your custom Setup program. As such, employees running your installer will not need to worry about obtaining an activation key from you since it will be already be preset into the installer.

If you are using a trial copy of SafeHouse, please leave the box unchecked. Once you purchase your license and receive a key, you can re-run the Deployment Wizard and enter your key when you revisit this page.

Embed Software Activation Key into Installer

To embed your activation key into your custom Setup program, check this box and enter your key in the field below.

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