Specify Create Volume Parameters

Users need to create a volume to store their sensitive files. Although this can be done at any time, even after installing SafeHouse, it is best to perform this step as part of the overall installation process. This way, users have a fully-operational SafeHouse configuration immediately after running Setup.

When running in dialog mode (not using /silent to suppress all visual interfaces), after installing all files and registry settings, the SafeHouse installer offers users a chance to create their first volume. In doing so, the standard Create Volume wizard is launched and users are asked to choose the size, location and password for this first volume. Once the volume is created, the final Setup screen instructs users to restart Windows and they are set to go.

On this wizard page, you are being asked to specify the command line parameters you would like Setup to pass to the Create Volume wizard when it is run from Setup as just explained. These command line options give you an opportunity to preset some of the Create Volume input fields to coincide with your standards and policies.

The default options are as follows:

/create="c:\SafeHouse\SafeHouse.sdsk" /size=25MB /description="Private Files" /expandableto=256 /setup

See SDWCREAT.EXE for a complete list of supported command options.

A Word about Silent Installs

Customized SafeHouse Setup programs support a /silent command line option which is useful when performing background installs using automated deployment tools. When this option is specified, Setup honors your instruction to not display any visual interface and therefore will not launch the Create Volume wizard unless you also include the /create option.

When Setup is run using both the /silent and /create options, the main setup program will run silently without any visual cues, but then at the very end, it will launch the Create Volume wizard and pass it the parameters you specify here.

You should also know that it's possible to launch the Create Volume wizard silently as well, since it too supports the /silent command option.

Create Volume Parameters

If you will be performing silent or automated installs, the options specified here will be ignored, so you can accept the default and continue to the next page.

If you will be performing dialog-based installs, you'll only need to change the default options if you have specific preferences you would like preset or enforced. For example, you could add an option to enforce a minimum size password.

We understand that this may look complicated. Most people simply use the default commands. We would also encourage you to experiment with the Create Volume wizard separately to nail down the exact set of options that are needed to address your requirements. Then specify those same options here on this page.

See SDWCREAT.EXE for a complete list of supported command options.






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