Encryption Policy

This page is presented only when you have chosen to have the Deployment Wizard build your custom configuration file.

SafeHouse uses encryption to protect the privacy of your files. The product supports a variety of popular encryption methods since some people have specific preferences or mandates which govern how their files should be protected.

We understand that most people know very little about encryption. That's okay.  If you don't know or don't care which methods are used, we recommend that you accept the default of Twofish 256. This is a rock-solid algorithm which operates at lightning speed.  You might also want to uncheck the boxes for the other methods just to make sure users can never select them under any circumstances.

Please refer to the screen shots at the bottom of this page to see how the choices you make here relate to what your users will see.

See Encryption Methods for descriptions of the algorithms supported by SafeHouse.

Default Encryption Method

The choice you make here determines which encryption method will be listed as the default in the Create Volume encryption method drop list (see screen shot below). Users will only see this drop list when they have selected the advanced mode for creating their new volume.

In the default non-advanced mode for creating volumes, users will not be presented with any choices or information relating to encryption, and the choice you make here on this Deployment Wizard page will be used without the user's knowledge to create their volume.

Choices Available in Create Volume Wizard

Check the boxes corresponding to the encryption methods you'd like to be presented in the Create Volume wizard drop list (see screen shots below).

The reason we allow these choices is that some organizations are required by law or other mandates to use specific methods of encryption to protect their files.

Keep in mind that it is not necessary to give your users access to our full suite of encryption methods. A popular course of action here is simply to choose a single method (we recommend Twofish 256) and leave all the other boxes unchecked.

Create Volume Wizard

The screen shots below show where the choices you make for encryption policy will be used in the SafeHouse Create Volume wizard.

First, for users to even be presented with choices relating to encryption methods, they will need to check the box on the initial wizard page indicating that they would like to see some of the more-advanced options. This box is not checked by default since most people do not care about these technical details.

Then, assuming the advanced mode was chosen, users will be presented with the Choose Encryption Method page, where they'll have the option to select one of the available encryption methods from the drop list.

The set of choices available in the drop list, as well as the default choice, is what you are specifying on this Deployment Wizard page.

In the event the advanced mode is not selected, users will not be asked anything about encryption and the method you choose here as the default will be used.

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