Support for Resetting Passwords

Most corporate deployments of SafeHouse require that SafeHouse volume passwords be able to be reset by IT managers when they're lost or forgotten. To support this ability, you must first run the SafeHouse Branding Wizard and create a branding group, which results in the creation of a .BRAND file containing information about the group.

Use this page to indicate if you will be using resettable passwords and branding groups, and if so, specify the location of the .BRAND file which contains the relevant information about the group.

You can create as many branding groups as you wish, however, only one group can be associated with a specific Setup program. If you've decided to work with more than one group, you'll need to create separate Setup programs for each group.

Include Support for Resetting Passwords

Check this box if you are preparing a branded deployment. You will then be required to provide the location of your .BRAND file below.

Brand File Corresponding to Branding Group

Enter the filepath to the .BRAND file to be used for your custom Setup program.

BRAND files are created using the SafeHouse Branding Wizard and must be created prior to running the Deployment Wizard. By default, they are typically located in your C:\SafeHouse folder.

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