Include Custom Configuration File

SafeHouse includes the ability for you to create a custom configuration file named CONFIG.INI and place it in the SafeHouse program files directory. This file is a simple text file which includes preference and policy settings used to further define the behavior of the software.

Not everyone needs a custom configuration file. In fact, the off-the-shelf SafeHouse installer does not include one, and you will therefore not find a CONFIG.INI file alongside your SafeHouse program files after running the standard retail product installer.

However, if you've looked at some of the options supported by this file, and you've decided that you would like to include a CONFIG.INI file with your custom Setup program, you then need to decide if you would like to create the file yourself using a text editor such as NOTEPAD, or, if you would like the Deployment Wizard to prompt for your preferences and build the file for you.

One reason people sometimes elect to build the CONFIG.INI file themselves is that many more preferences can be set in this file than are supported by the Deployment Wizard prompts. In either case, the resulting file is embedded into the custom Setup program and will be copied to users' SafeHouse program files directories when running Setup.

Skip. Do not include a configuration file.

Choose this option if you will not be needing a custom configuration file.

Prompt me for my policy requirements and build the file.

Choose this option to have the Deployment Wizard prompt you for your custom configuration file preferences, and then build the file for you. The resulting file will then be automatically embedded into your Setup program.

In this case, the Deployment Wizard will include the following extra pages to learn your preferences:

This is the recommended option if you are not sure which choice to make. At most, you'll be presented with a few more wizard pages; but even then, you can usually accept the default responses and move through them quickly.

Use the existing configuration file specified below.

Choose this option if you have manually created a CONFIG.INI file which should be embedded into your customized Setup program. In this case, you'll need to specify the location of this file in the field below.

File to be used as new CONFIG.INI

This field is only enabled when you've elected to use and existing CONFIG.INI file. Please provide the location of your existing file.

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