Specify Source and Output Files

The Deployment Wizard starts off with a copy of a standard off-the-shelf SafeHouse setup program, and then modifies this file to meet your specifications. The result is a completely new setup file which includes the core SafeHouse files extracted from the source setup file, along with whatever changes you've asked for when using the Deployment Wizard.

Source File

Enter the filepath to a copy of the standard SafeHouse installer obtained directly from SafeHouseSoftware.com. This file will serve as a template.

Please be sure you are starting out with the most recent version of the software, and that the version of the setup program you are using as a template is the same as the version of SafeHouse presently installed on your PC.

Output File

Enter the name to be used for the generated custom setup program produced by the Deployment Wizard.

This output file is the file that you will subsequently use to deploy SafeHouse throughout your organization.

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