SafeHouse Deployment Wizard

The SafeHouse Deployment Wizard is an invaluable tool used to prepare a completely customized version of the SafeHouse setup program.

This wizard starts out with a copy of the standard off-the-shelf SafeHouse setup program. It then steps you through a series of pages and prompts for input with regard to your preferences and corporate policies. Once you've answered all the questions, it then generates a customized version of the SafeHouse setup program which is tailored to your exact specifications.

The custom setup program generated by this wizard is the one that you will use to deploy SafeHouse throughout your organization.

How to run this wizard:

To launch this wizard, select the Deployment Wizard menu item found in the SafeHouse menu group in your Windows Start menu.

Customization Options

This wizard supports the following customizations:

Help at Every Step

Please be sure to click the help button which appears on every wizard page if you need more information about a specific topic. It's very important that you make all the right choices in advance of completing your deployment, and we've taken great care to ensure you have all the information you need to guarantee a successful result.

Practice Makes Perfect

We encourage you to experiment with this wizard. Run it as often as you like. Try different settings and see how they affect the resulting installer.

Your answers to all prompts are automatically saved to the registry each time you run this wizard. These answers then become the default settings for your next run.

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