Smartcard Password Policy

This page is presented only when you have chosen to have the Deployment Wizard build your custom configuration file.

SafeHouse includes first-class support for smartcards. The software features built-in support for a variety of popular card manufacturers as well as our own virtual smartcard which can reside on a USB flash drive or memory stick.

Using physical or virtual smartcards with SafeHouse is completely optional. Even if you're not yet sure if or when smartcards might be used within your organization, we recommend making a policy choice here just so you'll be ready. And further, people really love our virtual smartcards and might start using them much sooner than you think.

Minimum Length for Smartcard Passwords

Please enter the minimum length you would like to be enforced when users choose or change passwords for their SafeHouse virtual smartcards.

This setting does not apply to non-virtual smartcards. When using standard smartcards from manufacturers such as ActivIdentity and Aladdin, users would use the software provided by their respective manufacturer to change their passwords.

This setting also applies to smartcard export files.

Smartcard Export Files

SafeHouse includes the ability to export the information contained on smartcards to encrypted .SMART export files. This feature works with all supported smartcards; both real and virtual. The exported files can serve as a secure backup and later be imported back in to repopulate a damaged smartcard. These export files can also be used as virtual smartcards since the file formats for secure exports and virtual smartcards are identical.

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