Volume Location Policy

This page is presented only when you have chosen to have the Deployment Wizard build your custom configuration file.

Use this page to indicate where your SafeHouse volume files should usually be stored. We say usually because this location is not strictly enforced, as users often find it convenient or necessary to save volumes in other locations, such as on removable media. The folder location you specify here will simply be used as a hint to SafeHouse to help the software make better choices when interacting with users.

We do not recommend placing volume files in the root of your system drive.

Default Volume Location

Most users keep most or all of their SafeHouse volumes in a single folder. By default, this folder is C:\SafeHouse.

The purpose of this field is to tell SafeHouse where this primary location for volume files should be.

One thing to keep in mind is that the value you enter here should usually coincide with the corresponding volume location option specified in the Deployment Wizard for the Create Volume command line parameters. These values are already the same by default; but if you change one, you should change the other as well.

Always Default to this Location

Whenever SafeHouse displays a file picker to users asking them to point to a SafeHouse volume they'd like to work with, it has to somehow choose which folder to display first. The goal, of course, is to hopefully open the file picker showing the mostly-likely folder that the user is wanting to see.

The choice you make here determines how SafeHouse chooses which folder to show first.

When checked, the folder listed above in the Default Volume Location field will always be shown first.

When not checked, the folder containing the volume last used will be shown first.

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