How to Save your Group Password to a Smartcard

The Branding Wizard supports the ability to save the administrator password for an existing group to a smartcard as plain text. This is similar to when you are offered the chance to save your password to a smartcard when originally creating the group.  

Use this feature to make as many backup smartcards as you may need, or to make your first smartcard if you didn't do so when the group was initially created.

Different Smartcards, Different Uses

Please know that this use of a smartcard to store your group password as plain text is not the same as the SafeHouse administrator smartcards described elsewhere in this help guide.

The key difference is that administrator smartcards specifically hide the password from being seen or learned by those who use it, whereas the feature being referred to on this page stores the password as plain text so that it specifically can be seen.

Saving passwords to smartcards as plain text is especially helpful when using super-long passwords which are hard to remember or type. SafeHouse can automatically read the password from your smartcard so you are saved from the trouble of typing it.

Please also know that only manually-typed or plain text passwords read from smartcards can be used in this Branding Wizard or in other places within the SafeHouse product where it is required that the software specifically authenticate a group's top-level administrator (somebody who knows the group's password). For obvious reasons, administrator smartcards which purposely shield the operator from knowing the group password cannot be used to authenticate in these situations.

NOTE:  Smartcards must be enabled in SafeHouse to use this feature.

Step-by-Step Instructions

Please follow these steps to save your group password to a smartcard:

  1. Run the SafeHouse Branding Wizard and click through to the Select Branding Task page.

  2. On the Select Branding Task page, choose the Save branding information onto a smartcard option.

  3. On the Smartcard Options page, select the top option to Save administrator password to smartcard as plain text.

  4. Enter the filepath to your group's .BRAND file on the Open Existing Brand File page.

  5. Insert your smartcard and finish up.

Screen shots corresponding to these steps are shown below.

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