Professional Edition Only

Administrator's Guide

All material presented in this Administrator's Guide applies only to SafeHouse Professional Edition.

This section is intended for system administrators who are tasked with deploying SafeHouse throughout their organizations. Individual users of SafeHouse do not need to review any of this material nor complete any of the deployment tasks that are recommended for administrators.

Are You a SafeHouse Administrator?

We start off with this simple question: Are you a SafeHouse administrator?

Most people using SafeHouse will not be SafeHouse administrators nor will they ever need to become familiar with any of the material presented in this section. If you have purchased a single copy of SafeHouse for your own personal use, then you are not an administrator. This applies even if you are a Windows power user.

Then just who is a SafeHouse administrator, and who needs to read this section?

You are a SafeHouse administrator if you are:
  • Tasked with installing SafeHouse on some number of machines other than your own.

  • Looking to deploy SafeHouse to multiple computers with specific customized configuration settings which reflect your organization's policies and standards.

  • Required to be able to reset lost passwords on SafeHouse volumes used throughout your organization.

If you answered yes to any of the above items, then you are hired as your organization's top-level SafeHouse administrator. We used the term "top level" here because you may later choose to delegate some of the more-routine post-deployment tasks to sub-level administrators, such as people manning your organization's help desk.

And if you are a SafeHouse administrator, we're assuming that you're already familiar with the software from a user's perspective.

The good news is that deploying and administrating SafeHouse is fairly simple. Let the links below serve as your road map to the tasks you'll need to perform.

Primary Administrator Responsibilities

Your primary responsibility as the top-level SafeHouse administrator is to become familiar with the wealth of administration features built into SafeHouse and to get the software distributed throughout your organization. The steps required to get this done are listed below.

Additional Administrator Tasks

Once SafeHouse is live within your organization, you'll probably find yourself performing some of these post-deployment tasks.

Administrator Tools

SafeHouse includes several excellent tools which help to make all of the aforementioned tasks amazingly simple. These tools are used only by top-level administrators. Sub-level administrators and normal SafeHouse users will never need to use any of the tools listed below.





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