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Preparing a Customized Installer

SafeHouse includes an unsurpassed level of deployment customization features. Why? Because getting a product distributed and correctly configured onto the desktop is just as important as the core product itself. And when it comes to products such as SafeHouse which are designed to protect your most-valuable assets, IT managers and system administrators are rarely willing to accept anything less than a perfectly-executed solution. We believe we've delivered the flexibility that your are sure to demand.

Reasons to Use a Customized Installer

Anytime you are planning to deploy SafeHouse to more than just a few users, it usually makes sense to create a customized Setup program which is tailored to meet your exact requirements.

A custom Setup program is required when you wish to:


You must create your SafeHouse group(s) in advance of creating a customized SafeHouse installer. The Deployment Wizard described below will ask you for a .BRAND file, which is one of the outputs when creating new groups.

It is strongly-recommended that you be totally familiar with using SafeHouse from a normal user's perspective.

Depending on the complexity of your deployment requirements, you may need to familiarize yourself with some of the topics found in the Reference section of this help guide.

Use the Deployment Wizard!

The SafeHouse Deployment Wizard is an amazing tool which will quickly walk you through all the steps necessary to create your custom Setup program. We recommend that you walk through the step-by-step instructions and corresponding screen shots prior to running the wizard on your own in order to get a feel for the kinds of things which can be customized.

Click here for step-by-step instructions.

How to run this wizard:

To launch this wizard, select the Deployment Wizard menu item found in the SafeHouse menu group in your Windows Start menu.

Additional Deployment Topics

Please use the links below to learn more about SafeHouse's advanced deployment features.

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