Preparing a Silent Installer

Support for silent GUI-less installs is a built-in feature of every customized Setup program created using the SafeHouse Deployment Wizard.

All that is needed is to include the /silent command line option when running the Setup program.

C:\> SETUP.EXE /silent

See the SETUP.EXE and /SILENT reference material for more information.

Using Multiple Installers

If you require both visual and non-visual SafeHouse Setup programs to be used to facilitate your deployment, we encourage you to consider creating a separate custom installer for each of these methods. Although many of the customizations you might require would be virtually identical between the two installers, there are some subtle differences in how users create their first SafeHouse volumes which are best handled by using separate installers which are each tuned for their given task.

Creating SafeHouse Volumes

One of the bigger decisions you'll need to make when preparing for a silent deployment is deciding how users' first volumes will come into being. With the GUI installer, this is not anything you'll need to think about since the Create Volume wizard is launched automatically near the tail end of the installation process. However, with silent installs, this wizard is not launched unless you've included the /create option on the command line. But then, Setup is only partially silent.

There are, of course, a multitude of solutions available for getting this first volume created. Which is why we've left that discussion for a separate topic. What's important here is that you at least realize that there are some things related to volume creation which need to be thought through as you plan out your overall deployment strategy.

See Creating Users' First Volumes.






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