Enter Administrator Credentials

Before being allowed to complete the password reset procedure, you'll need to use one of two available methods to prove that you are indeed an administrator who is entitled to carry out this action.

You may provide your credentials by either:

Using the Administrator Password

Each volume belongs to a SafeHouse branding group, and each group has an administrator password. If you know the password for the subject group, then you can directly enter the password into this dialog and quickly reset a volume's password.

Follow these steps to perform a local reset using your administrator password:

  1. Click the Local Reset tab.

  2. Type or paste in the administrator password for the group to which this volume belongs.

  3. Choose a new password for the SafeHouse volume.

  4. Click the OK button.

If you have a smartcard containing the text of your administrator password, and if your smartcard is inserted prior to displaying this dialog, SafeHouse will detect your card and read the administrator password from the card and stuff it into this dialog. Note that this is not the same as using the administrator smartcard described below; whereby the text of the administrator password is not required nor divulged to the operator. Here, you know the password and the smartcard simply saves you from needing to type it in each time.

Using an Administrator Smartcard

In some organizations it may not be appropriate to divulge the administrator password to support personnel. Rather, the top-level administrator (who knows the password) instead prepares and distributes one or more administrator smartcards to support personnel; who in turn will be able to perform password resets without actually knowing the true administrator password.

Follow these steps to perform a local reset using an administrator smartcard:

  1. Insert your administrator smartcard BEFORE launching this dialog.

  2. Click the Local Reset tab.

  3. Assuming your smartcard was correctly detected, the dialog will change slightly as seen in the screen shot below  to indicate that your smartcard was found.

  4. Choose a new password for the SafeHouse volume.

  5. Click the OK button.

When using an administrator smartcard to perform the password reset, the administrator does not need to know the top-level SafeHouse administrator password for the corresponding SafeHouse branding group. They do, of course, need to know the password to their individual smartcard.

The primary benefit to using administrator smartcards to perform password resets is that this task can be assigned to sub-level administrators or help desk personnel.

Disabled Smartcards

When administrator smartcards are created, one of the available choices is to associate the smartcard with an online account at SafeHouseAdmin.com. When this is the case, top-level administrators gain the ability to enable or disable individual smartcards at will.

If a smartcard is associated with an online account and that card is disabled, the card will not be able to be used here to perform a local password reset.

Only top-level SafeHouse administrators should have access to SafeHouseAdmin.com online accounts.

Audit Logs

For all SafeHouse branding groups associated with an online account at SafeHouseAdmin.com, a record will be recorded to the audit log whenever a password reset is performed.

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