Remote Reset from the Client's Perspective

Performing a remote password reset from the client's perspective is relatively easy. All steps are performed using the Password Reset dialog which is launched directly from the SafeHouse desktop software.

The broad steps for remotely resetting a password are described below. Please click on the individual steps for additional instructions.

  1. Launch the password reset dialog and select the Remote Reset tab.

  2. Click the Request Password Reset button.

  3. Fill out the Password Reset Request Form and click Send.

  4. Wait for the administrator to approve the request.

  5. Once approved, choose a new volume password and click OK.

Who to Contact?

Please notice that the left-most tab on the Password Reset dialog displays contact information for the SafeHouse administrator. The text displayed here is entered when the SafeHouse branding group is created. This text is then automatically embedded into the file header for each volume belonging to the group, and will always be available from then on to help both clients and administrators determine the heritage of a specific volume; even if it is no longer hosted on the same machine as on which it was created.

Status Indicators

The status indicator icon in the middle of the Remote Reset tab could show any of the following states:




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