Smartcard Expiration

On this page you are being asked to choose whether or not this smartcard should be registered and controlled by the website. The pros and cons of each of the available choices are described below.

Smartcard never expires. Internet not needed.

Choose this option if you either do not have an account at or do not want this specific smartcard entry to be tied in any way to the website.

One advantage of choosing this option is that the smartcard will not have any dependencies upon the SafeHouse website. On the other hand, it also means that you cannot use the website to disable this smartcard if you later determine that it is not being used in accordance with your company policy. You also cannot use a card created with this option to perform remote password resets.

Please also be aware that it is perfectly okay to create some smartcards that are keyed to, and others that are not. The choice is completely up to you.

Expiration and revocation should be controlled by website.

Choose this option to associate the smartcard entry with your website account. This allows you to enable and disable the card at will, and also to use the card to perform remote password resets.

Your account login name will be embedded into the card, but not your password. Your password is required here only so that the Branding Wizard can register this smartcard with your online account. You must already have registered the group for this smartcard with your account since smartcards are always associated with a group.

The picture below shows how smartcards can be enabled and disabled using the SafeHouse website.

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