Perform Remote Password Reset

Administrator smartcards can be used to perform remote password resets without the person using the card having knowledge of the associated SafeHouse group's administrator password.

Follow these steps to authenticate using a smartcard instead of a password:

  1. Display the remote reset request web form.

  2. Click the Administrator Smartcard tab pictured below in the authenticate section of the form.

  3. Insert your smartcard.

  4. Click the Read Smartcard button.

  5. Enter your smartcard PIN or password when prompted by the popup authentication dialog.

If your smartcard has the correct information needed for the current SafeHouse group, the fields in the lower portion of the tab will be filled in and you'll be fully authenticated.

If you have multiple smartcards and would like to try another, switch cards and click the Read Smartcard button again.

Click to see entire web form.

Smartcards must be enabled on the local machine for this feature to work. You'll see the active device listed in the tab.

See Remote Password Reset under Resetting Lost Passwords.

You will not be able to perform a remote reset using any smartcard which has been disabled through the website.

What's the Difference?

You might be wondering what the difference is between the Administrator Smartcard tab and the Read from Smartcard link which appears on the Administrator Password tab.

The difference is that on the Administrator Password tab, the password must be entered as normal text. You can type it, paste it or read it from a smartcard. In all cases, it is visible.

The smartcard used here is not an administrator smartcard. Rather, it's a standard SafeHouse smartcard (the same as used to store volume passwords) which keeps passwords as plain text. It's created using one of the other options in the SafeHouse Branding Wizard.

In this scenario, the administrator knows the password, but simply chooses to use the smartcard to save them from needing to type it in each time; especially if it's a long one. This is very different from an administrator smartcard where the password is neither known nor available.

Smartcard Authentication Dialog

The screen shot below shows an example of the popup authentication dialog used to enter your smartcard PIN. This is used to prove to SafeHouse that you are the real owner of the smartcard.



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