Professional Edition Only

Web-based Administration

SafeHouse includes a FREE web-based administration tool to help you manage a variety of aspects relating to your role as a SafeHouse administrator.

The website operates as a tightly-integrated companion to the SafeHouse desktop software. Although using it is completely optional, we highly recommend that you use it if you have a sizable number of SafeHouse users to support.

Using, you can:

Sign Up Now, It's FREE

We encourage you to sign up for your FREE account at before preparing for a corporate deployment. The most important reason why you should do this is that the SafeHouse Branding Wizard will ask you for your account login name if you choose to enable any of the web-based administration features for a specific branding group. This of course means that you must have created your account in advance of running the Banding Wizard.

Please visit to learn more about this website and sign up for your free administrator account.

Safe and Secure

Please know that you will never be asked to provide your SafeHouse volume or administrator passwords to This website is able to provide all of its functionality without ever needing to know this information. And by never having this information, there simply isn't any way we could inadvertently compromise the privacy of your data.

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