Professional Edition Only

/Create (for Setup)

This is a special option intended to assist with corporate deployments of SafeHouse. When included on the setup executable command line of a customized SafeHouse installer, the installer will automatically launch the SafeHouse create volume wizard after completing the core product installation. The command-line options passed to SDWCREAT.EXE are the ones specified when the customized installer was prepared using the SafeHouse deployment wizard.

The primary benefit of this option is that it allows for simplified automated deployment scenarios. For example, deployment typically involves getting the core product installed, and then creating the user's first SafeHouse volume. By using this option in conjunction with a creative selection of command line parameters passed to the create volume wizard, administrators have a high degree of control over what the user observes during deployment.

One possible scenario is using this option in combination with /silent on the Setup command line; which would mean that the core product would install without any dialogs or prompts, and then at the end, the user would be presented with the create volume wizard, allowing them to choose their password and volume size. Defaults could be passed in through the command line so the user will not be needing to make any choices other than choosing their password.

This option applies only to a customized SafeHouse installer prepared using the SafeHouse deployment wizard. The non-customized SafeHouse installer does not support this option.




SETUP.EXE /create

SETUP.EXE /silent /create


Utilities Supporting this option:

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