This option is used to change the drive letter mode to simulate removable media when SafeHouse volumes are opened.

By default, SafeHouse makes mapped volumes appear to Windows as another fixed disk drive. The benefit to the default mode is that you get secure encrypted recycle bins for deleted files inside your SafeHouse volumes. This is useful if you frequently need to recover files after deleting them.

By specifying the /REMOVABLE option when opening a volume, SafeHouse will make the volume appear as a removable drive to Windows as opposed to operating like a fixed drive.

Although the operational differences between the modes are very subtle, sometimes they are enough to help with certain problems you are trying to work around. Something to be aware of is that removable drives do not get recycle bins and show up marked as "removable" under MyComputer.

If you are experiencing undesirable Explorer windows being displayed after opening SafeHouse volumes, try adding this command line option to your open volume shortcuts. Alternatively, you can make this change for all mappings by creating a config.ini  file in your SafeHouse program directory that contains the following two lines:


The sample config.ini  file shown above instructs SafeHouse to open all volumes as removable without you needing to add the /REMOVABLE option to all of your shortcuts. This file must be placed in your SafeHouse program directory; typically named C:\Program Files\SafeHouse.





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