Professional Edition Only

/Silent (for Setup)

This option is provided to facilitate automated or silent deployments of SafeHouse after creating a customized SafeHouse installer using the SafeHouse deployment wizard.

When this option is included on the setup executable command line, the installer will not display any prompts or dialogs during the installation process. An important thing to understand about using this option is that since you are instructing SafeHouse to be completely silent, the installer will not present the create volume wizard to users as it normally does during a traditional installation. This means that the user's first volume will not be created unless you include some other steps in your automation process.

This option is sometimes used in combination with the /create installer option to break the silence after the core product is installed and let SafeHouse prompt the user for the password to be used for their first volume. User intervention can be greatly minimized through creative use of the command line parameters specified for the create volume wizard.

This option applies only to a customized SafeHouse installer prepared using the SafeHouse deployment wizard. The non-customized SafeHouse installer does not support this option.




SETUP.EXE /silent

Utilities Supporting this option:

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