This parameter allows you to specify the size of a volume to be created.

By default, NNN is a decimal number of Kilobytes. Including MB or GB after the number changes the value to Megabytes or Gigabytes.

The maximum supported volume size is 4 Gigabytes (4,000MB) on Win9x/Me, or 2048GB on XP/Vista/Win7/Win8, or the size of your hard disk, whichever is smaller.


SDWEXPAN.EXE also has a /Size option, but the meaning is slightly different. When resizing volumes, the /Size parameter is used to specify the new size of the volume in megabytes.




/Size=100  - 100 Kilobytes

/Size=100MB  - 100 Megabytes

/Si=1000MB  - 1 Gigabyte

/Si=20GB  - 20 Gigabytes

Utilities Supporting this option:

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