This is the program that provides the underlying support for SafeHouse's system tray utility. If invoked from the command line without any parameters, this program will pop up the tray utility's tabbed dialog.

This program can be invoked with /Stop on the command line if you have some special need to terminate this application via scripting.

The /Winstart option is intended to be used internally by SafeHouse when this program is launched at Windows startup. It simply functions as a trigger to let the program know that you have just started Windows and that if you have elected to have SafeHouse automatically prompt you for the password for you primary volume at startup, that now is the time to do it.

Screen Shot:

Below is a screen shot from this utility to help  you better see which program this is.

This utility is accessed using the SafeHouse system tray padlock icon. There is generally little reason for you to be running this utility from external custom scripting.

Optional command line parameters:

Abbreviated parameters are not supported. The entire option name must be spelled out.

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