Utilities and Wizards Reference

This section provides a complete set of reference material for the various utilities and wizards which accompany the SafeHouse software. These are advanced topics generally intended for Windows power users with special needs and requirements.

This information can be used to develop desktop shortcuts, scripting and specialized programming which integrates directly with SafeHouse.


The table below lists the executable programs which are installed into the SafeHouse program files folder. In most cases, these programs are run automatically for you behind the scenes as you interact with the SafeHouse system tray utility. However, since there are situations where people sometimes find it useful to invoke them directly, we've published the full set of interfaces.

Please see the reference pages for the individual utilities to find out more about them along with the command line options that they support.




Open and close SafeHouse volumes.


Change the password for a volume.


Resize a volume.


Create a new volume.


Monitors system activity with regard to volumes.


System tray utility.


Customized SafeHouse installer.


Remove SafeHouse from your PC.


Branding wizard for corporate deployments.


Creates a customized SafeHouse installer.


Background process watches for certain events.


Background process supporting smartcards.

What's Up with the Funny Filenames?

If you're wondering why some of our executable filenames have strange short names, it's simply because  many years ago filenames were limited to eight characters. We've stayed with these short names because we have many customers who have developed scripts and other customized programming that would break if we suddenly changed the filenames of our core executables.

Command Line Options

The executable programs listed above share a common suite of command line options. Using these options in combination with their respective executables, you can perform most important SafeHouse activities via automation and scripting.

See Command Line Options for a complete list of available options.

Map and UnMap

Throughout this help section you may see references to the terms map and unmap with regard to SafeHouse volumes. These terms are analogous to opening and closing volumes.

Older versions of this product used the map and unmap terms instead of open and close, and we've maintained the use of these older terms in some of the under-the-hood areas of the software in order to remain compatible with customers' scripts developed for the older versions of SafeHouse.

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