Backing Up SafeHouse Volumes

SafeHouse allows you to back up your files in two different ways:

The steps to be followed are essentially the same for all backup media types, including tape, external drives and memory sticks.

Secure Backups

A secure backup is one in which the files on the backup media are still under the full protection of SafeHouse. You are still safe, even if the backups fall into the wrong hands, provided, of course, that nobody has learned your password.

Follow these steps:
  1. Leave your volume closed. You cannot perform this procedure on an open volume.

  2. Use your backup software or Explorer to copy your volume's .SDSK file to the backup device/drive.

  3. You're done!

Unsecured Backups

Unsecured backups are traditional file backups which are not protected by SafeHouse. In this case, you are coping your private files to the backup device as normal unprotected files, which disconnects them from SafeHouse or any of the protection it provides.

Unsecured backups might be desirable when you want to store then inside a safe without any connection to SafeHouse. Of course, if any gets their hands on these files, they'll have access to everything -- so be careful.

Follow these steps:
  1. Open your volume and enter your password.

  2. Notice which Windows drive letter is associated with your volume. This is the drive letter that will be needed by your backup software.

  3. Use your backup software or Explorer to copy the files inside the SafeHouse volume to your backup device/drive. Do this using the files on the drive letter associated with your SafeHouse volume.

  4. This process reaches into your secure volume and pulls out an unprotected copies of your files to write to the backup device.

  5. Close the volume when you're finished.

  6. Store your backups in a safe place since they're no longer protected by SafeHouse.

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