How to Change the SafeHouse Sounds

As shipped, SafeHouse includes custom sounds which are played when volumes are opened and closed. However, if you are so included, you may change the sounds played by SafeHouse by placing specifically-named WAV files into the SafeHouse program files directory.

Separate sounds files (WAV) are played for each supporting utility; one for success, another for failure.

By default, SafeHouse only includes sound files for opening and closing volumes. If you wish to have sounds played when performing other tasks such as creating and resizing volumes, you will need to manually place an appropriate WAV file into the SafeHouse program files folder.

Your computer must have a Windows-compatible sound board installed to hear sounds.


Sound File



Played by SDWCREAT.EXE after successfully creating a volume.


Played by SDWCREAT.EXE after failing to create a volume.


Played by SDWMAP32.EXE after successfully opening a volume.


Played by SDWMAP32.EXE after failing to open a volume.


Played by SDWMAP32.EXE after successfully closing a volume.


Played by SDWMAP32.EXE after failing to close a volume.


Played by SDWCHANG.EXE after successfully changing a password.


Played by SDWCHANG.EXE after failing to change a password.


Played by SDWEXPAN.EXE after successfully expanding a volume.


Played by SDWEXPAN.EXE after failing to expand a volume.

See /SOUND command line option.


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