Choose New Password

The Password Reset dialog will query the website once per minute to see if the administrator has taken any action on the request. If so, the icon in the middle of the tab will change to reflect the new status for the request.

In the case where the administrator has approved the request, the icon will change to a green checkmark as shown below.

Approved Requests

Once your request is approved, choose your new password and click the OK button.

Saving Volume Passwords to Smartcards

If you have enabled the use of smartcards to store your volume passwords, the software will automatically attempt to update your smartcard with the newly-chosen password at the completion of this step.

Unapproved Requests

There may be times when administrators choose not to approve specific requests, requests time out due to lack of administrator attention or requests simply cannot be completed due to Internet connectivity problems. In all of these cases, the icon and nearby text will indicate the current state or completion status of the request.

Cancelling Requests

Your can cancel an incomplete request at any time, including after it has been approved by an administrator; but prior to choosing a new password.


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