How to Change Your Smartcard Password

You can change the password for your SafeHouse virtual smartcard as often as desired.

NOTE: These instructions apply only to SafeHouse USB virtual smartcards.

How to display this dialog:
  1. Right click on the SafeHouse system tray padlock icon.

  2. Choose the Tools & Options menu item.

  3. Click the Options tab.

  4. Click the Options button to display the Smartcard Properties dialog.

  5. Click the Virtual Smartcard tab.

  6. Click the Change button (see picture at bottom of this page).

Enter your new password and click OK to accept.

Old Password

Type the current password for your virtual smartcard.

New Password

Choose a new password for your virtual smartcard.

See How to Change a Password for a list of tips for choosing strong passwords.

Retype Password

Retype the new password just to make sure you've got it right.

USB Flash Drive Location

Specify the Windows drive letter where your USB device is located.

The name of your smartcard will be displayed to the right of this field. This might be helpful if you have more than one smartcard and need to figure out which one is plugged in.

How to Launch this Dialog

This screen shows where you'll find the button to launch the Change PIN or Password dialog.

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