How to Enable Smartcard Support

Using smartcards with SafeHouse is completely optional. However, if you have one available to you, or even an ordinary USB memory stick, then we encourage you to try it with SafeHouse. We guarantee you'll be impressed with how convenient they are.

Smartcards come in many forms these days, including credit card-sized cards with readers, and even self-contained USB devices. Most manufacturers produce a variety of models to choose from which are all compatible with a single set of software drivers. If you've got a card or device from one of the supported suppliers listed below, then you'll be up and running with SafeHouse with just a few clicks.

One-Step Configuration

Smartcards are enabled in SafeHouse using drop list shown below, which is found on the Options tab of the SafeHouse system tray utility.

This dialog is accessed from the SafeHouse system tray utility Tools & Options menu item.

Smartcard Settings

The drop list and Options button are used to configure SafeHouse's use of smartcards.

The drop list will only display choices which are available on your machine. The list contents could vary based on which smartcard devices, if any, are attached to your PC.

Smartcard choices include:
Auto-detection of Smartcard Devices

The default setting is Auto-detect, which causes SafeHouse to remain on the lookout for a compatible device. If a compatible device is detected during installation, it will be selected automatically in the drop list and SafeHouse will assume you'd like to use this device whenever possible. If no compatible device is initially found, then each time SafeHouse is run from there after, it will perform a quick check to see if you've recently installed a new smartcard device. This test in instantaneous and harmless. Once a device is detected, SafeHouse locks in on it and selects it in the drop list.

The benefit of the Auto-detect setting is that you don't have to manually configure SafeHouse to begin using a new device. This is especially convenient when SafeHouse is bundled with smartcard solutions which are natively supported since SafeHouse will begin using the respective hardware right away without any user intervention.

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