How to Export Smartcard Passwords

SafeHouse includes the ability to save or export the set of passwords stored on your smartcard to a backup file.

This file can be in either of two formats:

The .SMART format output here is identical to the file format used for SafeHouse's USB virtual smartcards. It's also compatible with the import format used by SafeHouse import password list feature. This makes it easy to change your smartcards and move your password list from one card to the other; even across different manufactures' devices.

How to display the Import Password List dialog:
  1. Right click on the SafeHouse system tray padlock icon.

  2. Choose the Tools & Options menu item.

  3. Click the Options tab.

  4. Click the Options button to display the Smartcard Properties dialog.

  5. Click the Tools tab.

  6. Click the Export button (see picture at bottom of this page).

Choose the output format and click Save to accept.

You'll next be presented with a standard file chooser dialog prompting you to select the location and name for the output file.

Password-Protected Smartcard File

Choose this option to save the exported file as a .SMART file. This is a proprietary file format used by SafeHouse which serves as both a protected export for backups, as well as a USB virtual smartcard. As such, you could literally copy this exported file to a USB device and immediately begin using it as a virtual smartcard.

The .SMART file format is also fully compatible with the import password list feature, meaning that you can later restore your smartcard to its current state by importing from the .SMART file made here.

Unprotected XML File

An XML file is a standard text file which can be viewed in any simple editor or text viewer such as Notepad.

Please know that saving to this format shows the clear text of your stored passwords. If this file falls into the wrong hands, the intruder will have a keenly-documented list of all your SafeHouse volume passwords. Please think twice before saving to this file format.

On the other hand, one reason why you might want to save to this format is that you specifically want to get a full list or print-out of your passwords to save in some safe place. This format does have its uses; you just need to be careful when you use it.

How to Launch this Dialog

This screen shows where you'll find the button to launch the Export Password List dialog.

About .SMART Files

The .SMART file format is proprietary to SafeHouse. This custom format is used both for exporting and for SafeHouse's USB virtual smartcards.

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