How to Add Passwords to a Smartcard

SafeHouse provides a number of intuitive ways for volume passwords to be added to your smartcard.

If you are using a smartcard with SafeHouse, the software works on the basic assumption that you'll want most, if not all, of your passwords saved to the smartcard. As such, SafeHouse watches for volumes that you access which are not listed in your smartcard and will ask you if you'd like to get them listed. And then there's always the manual way using the Stored Passwords dialog (pictured below).

Ways in which passwords can be added to smartcards:

All of the above methods assume that you've enabled smartcard support within SafeHouse.

Manually Adding Passwords to a Smartcard

Use this dialog to manually add passwords to your smartcard. Click the Add button.

See How to Manage Stored Passwords.


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